House rules log cabin

• The entire log cabin is non-smoking. Smoking outside is of course allowed, but butts must be in an ashtray and definitely out before they are thrown in the trash. • You must leave the kitchen, household effects (dishes, pots, cutlery, ...) and ovens clean. • The tenant is obliged to use the log cabin properly and to leave it tidy, thoroughly vacuumed, and put everything back in its original place. Cleaning material is available in the basement. The final cleaning for normal soiling is included in the rent. In case of exceptional or excessive pollution, 75€ will be deducted from the deposit. • This is a wooden house, be careful with candles and other open fires. Fire damage must be paid immediately by the tenant. • The stove only works on pellets. This may only be filled with the available pellets through the lid at the top. • If you notice any defects in the log cabin, you must report this immediately. • You must sort correctly, if this is not the case, the collection services will leave the bag behind, and we will be forced to open and sort your bags. We will of course deduct an amount from the deposit for this. Refuse bags and bins for sorting residual waste are available. The waste bags themselves must be placed in the black bin under the shelter after your stay. We bring cans, plastic bottles and others to the container park ourselves, so you can leave them in the sorting bins.


• Pets are allowed in consultation, the tenant must inform the landlord in advance. • We do not charge extra for the stay of your pet. • We would like to point out that a dog is not allowed on the sofa, chairs or tables, in the bedrooms, beds or in the shower. The dog should be left to dry or dry with your own towel when entering the house. • Your dog should never be left alone in the house unless in a crate, this to prevent the abandoned animal in an environment that is foreign to him, and there is a chance that the interior will be damaged. • Feces in the garden and hair of your pet inside must be removed when leaving the holiday home. This is of course for hygienic reasons. Children playing in the garden don't like to fall for this ;). So bring poop bags with you when you go outside, just like at home. † • When we determine that these rules have been violated, a claim will be made on the rental deposit.

Use hot tub • The hot tub will be filled upon arrival. You are not allowed to drain the water yourself. • The heater of the hot tub may never be lit without water. • If you clean the heater yourself (you will save € 20), then deposit the cold ash in the barrel provided for this purpose. Use barbecue • You can of course use the fire bowl/BBQ, but make sure you don't make sparks. The necessary attention is required with a wooden house. • If you clean the BBQ yourself (you will save 20 €), then deposit the cold ash in the barrel provided for this.